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Aloe Ferox Medicinal Benefits

Aloe ferox has been used for medicinal purposes in parts of South Africa for over two centuries.

Aloe Ferox Benefits in Animals

Aloe is primarily used for the regulation of ticks in game and farm animals. This is done in the form of aloe powder, which is added to the animals’ feed. Due to the shortage of Zinc in the natural habitat in South Africa, there is no problem with palatability since the animals readily eat the aloe for the Zinc and other minerals contained in it.  In nature, where there are many ticks, game animals will eat the whole aloe plant and thereafter no ticks are found on them.  

Farmers using lick blocks that are enriched with aloe powder are experiencing fantastic results in the form of decreased ticks on their animals. The condition of the animals is therefore improved and the chance of illnesses transmitted by ticks are reduced.

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